Waysharing (Continued)

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It is of primary importance to ever be thankful along the Way.
A sense of humor helps one not take themself too seriously.
To get the pure gold of Spirit the dross must first be burned out.
The "dark night of the soul" is something every one of us must go through - for only then can we humbly even See the light - to think one Is the light, is the height of folly.
We all learn and grow"¦at times it might seem unfortunate that the best way to keep a lesson is to fall and seriously bruise ourself so that we might remember the lesson.
Sometimes the only way we can help another is through hot air"¦.sometimes silence is best"¦.but even when silent remember that we Are all connected and our own Way is paved by helping other find their own Way.
While we are all connected - yet each is alone in their own head with their own decisions. To want it otherwise is to wish for non-existence - which already IS.

To bemoan our "fate" or try to "opt out" only shows us that we have much to learn "¦and the lessons of life will, and are to, help us learn - praise be.

Blessings along your Way (often these are the lessons we allow ourselves to learn)

Grow on - those who have gone before you have left signposts and marked the Way - but you must be humble enough to pay attention

Life is an opportunity - and Becomes what you make of it.

LOVE IS - and sometimes that says it all.
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