Washing in the nude

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Will today i went to wash my truck nice weather for washing and going barefoot and nude . So i went to this car wash that is surrounded by large trees it's hard to see it and it really hard to see in the bay's from the drive way to get in .I do know of some people that go there and wash the car's and trucks in the nude . And they also have sex there to. So when i got there there was one other car in one of the bay's and as i pulled in to the bay i started to rinse my truck off first. And as i was i saw the guy looking where i was at and then he walked real fast and he was naked. And then he walked back real fast. So i thought if he was naked i will go naked to that was the plan so i took off my shirt and shorts . And i started washing my truck and it was so great that i was having fun and then i notice that someone was looking at me it was the guy in the next bay. He saw i was naked and he came over and said so you like being naked . I said yes and that I'm a full time barefooter so part of my body is naked. So the guy started talking about being nude and that it would be nice if we could go nude all the time . I said yes and i would be nude all year around. And as i started to dry off my truck he ask if i had another shammy i said yes here and thanks for helping me he said no problem. So as we where drying my truck . He ask if i was bisexual, gay, or straight. I told hime I'm bisexual. He ask when was the last time i had sex i said it been like 2 or 3 weeks ago and before that it was 6 years ago . Then he ask if he could suck my ball and cock . i said will i don't know you he said that is ok if i don't. I said yes you can suck my balls and cock. He got on his knees and wow he went to town and it felt so great then we got in my truck it's a Tahoe we got in the back and started to suck each other . And as i went down on him in know time he shot his load down my throat it taste so good then i came down his throat. And i laid on my stomach and he put his big cock up my ass and pound my ass for a hour then he came in my ass . it felt so great and after i help him wash his car then he told me that he is the owner i was not sure but then he showed me his business license. And his name was the same on his I D. So he ask me if i have anyone in my life and i said no and that's the truth i do not have anyone. I'm looking for someone but I'm not that lucky. So he ask if we could meet here 2 or 3 time a week and have fun i said ok that sounds good. So we will see what happens on sunday will everybody keep going nude and or barefoot.
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