Walking barefoot

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Will today is a great day for a walk on a trail that i walk on and i have been seeing others walk it barefoot. I use to be the only one but now i see more people walk barefoot. And when they see me they say thanks for truning us on to barefoot walking. Now this group of people know how fun and healthy it is and how safe it is. Because you can curl you toes around stuff to give you a extra grip andnow it's getting into the 80's and higher in temperature you can stay cool and if you come across a little stream you can go right in to it and don't worry about your shoes and sock getting wet or that you have to take them off to cross the stream. And i love to feel the mud between my toes and it does cover my toe ring but that's ok with me the dirtier my bare feet are the better that tells everyone that i love being barefoot. Everybody keep barefooting
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