Vienna..nice place...

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Bratislava to Vienna is not that far..
we crossed the Danube river...and entered Austria..
now..listen..I would classify Austria in my top 3..
of most beautiful European countries..
Norway..and Switserland listed before that for me.. the nice buildings,parks,
wide streets,shops etc..but..the real Austria for me..
were the mountains..nothing can beat that scenery..
I had been in Austria many times before..
we stayed 2 nights in a *jugendg?stehaus*
which was kind of a youth hostel..very cheap..
Vienna was expensive..we went for a visit to Schonnbrunn..
reminded me of the palace of Versailles(France)
what a pump and could they build it??
after Schonnbrunn..which easily could take half a day..
we had some *gulash soup* in one of these typical *heurigen*
these are local small wine taverns..good filling simple dishes..
Vienna is also known for caf?s..sachertorte chocolate tart..
we all liked Vienna..visited a museum as well..
well..we damn got tired that day..another day..
the accent in Vienna is very funny..not like German..
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