Venezia-Rimini-San Marino(Italy)

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so..I left Venezia..really a nice town..I recall the canals..
the pigeons at San Marco square..the little back alleys..
someone who ever has been to Venice..never forgets it..
hitching out of Venice..was not easy at all..first I stood..
for more then 2 hours at a ride to Chioggia..
it's loveley to see the Adriatic all the way..
omg..and it was summer as well..that means SUN..
from Chiaggio i got a ride in these mini Italian Fiat cars..
they pump a whole family in it sometimes..
reminds me of these Federico Fellini movies..typical Italian..
Italian must be able to catch...
they are emotional folks..either they are very joyfull..
or raving angry..ahah...yes..they talk with their hands..
usually some dirty words like *va fangullo* follow.
I'm not going to translate way..
so..that mini car..brought me to Ravenna..historical city..
some nice piazza's(squares)with the usual caf?s and shops..
did not see much of the sights of Ravenna..
got on towards's a beach resort..
I decided to stay in the Youth hostel here..
and visit the small mini country San Marino..
it was only a handkerchief big..mostly shops..
but it was a country on my list..
I went to the beach at Rimini..very busy..hectic..
the usual Italian macho's hunting for the local chicks..
I even had a swim into the Adriatic..
water was not to clean..pollution??
I preferred the Yougoslavia Adriatic
Rimini..was bit to busy for this Tiger..
I will try to find a good link on this place..
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