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I've been few times to Benares=Varanasi..oh yes..
I like to call this place's a very spiritual place..
for Hindus certainly a point to die..on the Ganges riverside..
Benares looks like an old people's would be surprised..
how many old devote Hindus..wanna die in Benares?
as told before in my journal on a previous visit here...
it's full of *holy* cows,little back alleys,ghat's,sadhu's..
my brother+sister in law stayed in a posh place..I believe Clark's??
I stayed in a less pricey hotel..but it was clean enough..
they could not believe their eyes..wandering through Benares..
it's a typical Indian town..with all its facets..that means..beggars..
tourists,crowds,noise,heat,dust..can be nerve wrecking..
I'll see if I can get a good link on this place...
I bet there are some links in other postings...
after this..we were gonna fly to Kathmandu via Patna..
and believe it or not..I got stuck in Patna for a night..
my brother+sister in law..flew alone to Kathmandu..
I was put up for 1 night in a 3 star hotel..
on behalf of the airlines..we were on request quota..
for the flight..I got my flight next day..
my brother was waiting for me at Kathmandu airport..
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