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When we were in was going through a heatwave..
temperatures were ranging between 32 to 38 degrees Celsius
there was a German girl in the youth hostel who got a sunstroke..
we went out from Sliema by bus to La Valetta to visit this city...
taking a bus in Malta is an experience..busdrivers are efficient enough..
but daring and reckless..I bet it's their temperament..
Valetta was basking in the heat..walking its steep streets was a challenge..
first we went to see the Maltese experience's something for tourists really..mostly a slide show about the history and traditions of Malta itself..
Valetta got some interesting churches..Maltese are fervent Catholics..
their*festa's* reflect their religious ardour..during these festa's their patron saints are carried around in processions,their churches decorated,brass bands,music,merriment,'s all reflected...
St John's cathedral was worthwhile..but I had visited so many churches in my travells..I find they all looked a bit more or less the same..but still impressive enough..a few musea are maybe worthwhile..but we just wanted the cool breeze of the was bloody hot..sweating was no joke..we just hopped into a local caf? to have a cool soft drink..the rest we strolled around the narrow alleys of this place..buildings were amazingly architectural..
in the evening we went back to Sliema..and we went into a restaurant overlooking the bay around St.Julians.we had a fish dinner..nothing to write home about..a mixture of local and Italian food??but..we were hungry..the youth hostel was run by a Maltese lady..very friendly person..we felt at home door was a small shop for snacks and never starves from hunger..uhuh next day we planned a visit to Mdina/Rabat..will keep you peeps informed..
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