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so..day 2 in Udaipur..breakfast at tourist bungalow..
as usually these cheap accomodation places fill up easily..
after a good breakfast..usually toast/eggs..I was ready..
to attack Udaipur again for sightseeing..walked again..
towards city palace..very near is the Jagdish temple..
typical Hindu temple with statues of goddesses etc..
a Hindu temple is called *mandir*in Hindi language..
this Jagdish mandir reminded me of so many temples
i had visited before on my first overland trip to India..
I really became bit of a temple freak...ahaha..
this one..the usual devotees...incense..offerings(puja)
a very nice entrance on this temple..with elephants(haathi)
one sees funny folks in there..Hindus are very intense...
in their religion..it's a total different sight then we know..
I did not took to much time in this temple..in fact..I felt..
sometimes bit out of place..amongst all these puja ceremonies..
I will relate about my temple visits in South India..Tamil Nadu..
Madras..Madurai..aww..really some architecture..different..
funny thing..I met a young dude from Udaipur..started talking..
and discussing India..you know..Indians are very hospitable..
I did not say no to this fellow's offer to visit his house..
as lots of Indian youngsters..they are very curious about our
western world..it must look as strange to them..as we looked
upon their world...so..he took me to his home..the usual greetings..
just fold your hands in a prayer like position..and say *namaste*
humble and simple house...I met his mother and sister..
usually bit shy..but very friendly..they open up..if you show respect..
they offered me chappati..these chappati's are made on a *tawa*
it's a plate...where the *do*is rolled upon..and made into chappati..
do is the mixture..compare it to pizza making...they roll the do..
then put it on the hot *tawa*until it becomes a flat type bread..
*paratta*is another type..more heavier..my wife makes them..
in a typical Hindu home..one always sees a puja place..
usually a statue..or a picture..of a Hindu deity..nowadays..
lots of people worship Sai Baba..or the older Sai Baba..
I bet we Western folks will never understand the real meaning..
so..this dude..and his family..gave me a warm welcome..
I could not understand..I looked like a monkey...bwaahah..
with my long hair and beard..but in India..these hippie freaks..
were compared a bit to sadhus maybe..every Hindu..has to go
through the stages of life..being an ascetic..is one of them..
guru's..oh...the real ones..one does not meet in India..
they are in caves in the Himalaya range..or wandering around..
by train,bus..throughout India..and like in this modern world..
false sadu's existed..they just are out to beg for money..
or smoke a free chillum of hasjish in Varanasi..a real scam...
on my travells..I talked a lot to the Indian in the street..
I sometimes got invited for a cup of tea..
sometimes even a visit..to an Indian home..
if one knows the rules..it's an amazing experience.
in this case..this dude in Udaipur..he was just curious..
and we talked about the west..he was saying..we were lucky..
lucky for what??for the capitalistic world we lived in??
I tried to explain to this family..that money..is not everything..
it's better to be poor..with a simple heart..then to be rich..
and full of envy..jealousy..guilt..remorse..and competition..
I never liked injustice and hate..and if I see it..I attack it..
I don't wanna go further into this...just catch my drift..
this is a free speech forum..I don't condemn or judge..
the ones who do..are dead wrong..in my humble opinion..
so..Udaipur..let's come back to that..was an eye opener..
certainly..because of its palace..it's lake..its people..
I was gonna take a day trip to Ranakpur Jain temple..
it involved train+bus travell...and back to Udaipur..
I went to the tourist ofice..and found out..what to do..
so a hectic day..I'll tell you later on about this trip..

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