Two Casualties

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Two of my 25 chicks have died on the same night. I suspect they were suffering from constipation. If I were more vigilant I might have made sure from the early moments that they were getting mineral oil or some other lubricant. While I handle death of baby chicks in a rather matter-of-fact manner, I still feel a little saddened that their life was cut so short.
It reminds me of survival of the fittest and it puts my mammal existence into another perspective. Some lives are just a bit more fragile than others and we need to accommodate things accordingly. Chicks--while viewed as cute and sweet and pretty and adorable--can be downright vicious. If they want a space they will squeeze others out of the way... or they will peck... or they will simple trample upon them. The only reason they huddle together and give the appearance of having a warm and bonding love for each other is to conserve body heat.
However, I do like watchig them stretch and drink water and fight over food. :)
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