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so..I left North Africa..ferry crossing to Marseille..
took bit over 20 hours..smooth crossing..
Marseille was a busy town..it's in the Provence regio..
it was beginning february...and freezing cold..brrrrr..
went to the GPO=poste office...and oh..got my Dad's money..
about 25 U.S dollars..changed into FF=French francs..
got myself some baguette(bread)+camembert cheese..
I tried to hitch out of Marseille direction Avignon..
I recall I was freezing my ass off..and could not get a ride..
I decided to invest all the money I got..in a train ride..
as far north towards Paris as possible..went to railway station...
got myself a 2nd.class ticket up to Chalons sur Saone..
that's bit south of Beaune and Dijon..
the rest towards Paris..was still more then 300kms..
I was gonna be broke totally in Chalons..but I guessed..
I could survive 1 day..on some bread/cheese+coffee..
in Paris..Cathy was there..I was welcome there anyway..
I boarded that train..wooh..at least out of the freezing cold..
I reached Chalons sur Saone...and was in fact broke..
no money left..exept from some coins..I was gonna hitch..
a ride to Paris..I did not have any other choice anyway...
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