True Ranting

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So, I have been easy on you so far. :) Now we are going to get down to some REAL ranting!!! On the subject of: Hipforums blog organization.

Well I hafta tell ya...I looked every which way from Sunday to find a link to add a new blog entry...and it was so hard!!!!!

There is only one place I FINALLY found to create a new blog entry. I needed to specifically click the link to Zengizmo's Drunken Rants. I could not post a new blog entry from Manage Blogs. I could not post a new blog entry from either of the blogs I had already entered. I HAD to be in one. Precise. Place: Zengizmo's Drunken Rants.

And I axe ya: How is a drunken dweeb like me supposed to find this while drunk????

Is Hipforums not disabled-accessible??? Is there no allowance for a drunken dweeb like me????

I would mount an immediate emailing campaign in US Congress...except: I am drunk. See?????

Where are the rights of drunken dweebs in this supposedly great democracy????

Shouldn't drunken dweebs have access to congressional lobbying also????

I am going to organize a Drunken Dweebs Political PAC! After I drink another glass of wine....

*mumbling* dweebs dammit *burp* make them all pay dammit *UUURRRPPP* gonna hear from ME by God!!! *HIC*
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