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We boarded the train..damn..nice trains in Norway...
we reached Trondheim safe...we took a bus to the youth hostel..
about 2kms.from the town center...neighbourhood called Rosenborg..
recall that name from a football team nowadays...nice place..
not to many shops around..we found one at 10 min walk..did some groceries..
went back by bus to the center..hopped in at the tourist office..
we were gonna do 3 things in this city..not possible in 1 day anyway..
first stop was the Nidaros cathedral..then a museum called Ringve..
which was all about musical's really worthwhile..
next day we did another open air museum called Trondelag Folkemuseum..
we even saw a Norvegian wedding photograph shoot on the grounds...
everybody smiles at weddings..supposed to be the happiest day of our life..
Norvegians wear*bunads*=local folkloristic dress=very colourful..
so...Nidaros cathedral...impressiv enough..bit dark inside..very luvly stained
glass windows..very rich and ancient history..looked bit like Canterbury..
normally..I'm not very interested in religious buildings..they all look bit same,
so..a bus towards the Ringve was something special...
on the museum ground is a botanical garden as well..ony to be visited with
a guide..we took an English one of course..Norvegians are good in English..
very interesting old musical intruments..well displayed..organs,violins,lutes,
piano's,clavecimbels,harps,even instruments from Arabia and India...
if you do Trondheim..please..visit this museum...the guide=a luvly Norvegian girl..
played some of the instruments..every guide plays instruments..
to let the tourists feel the vibration..the essence of the instrument..oh...
in one word...a MUST if you are interested in music..luvly surroundings..
I'll try to find some link about this museum...will tell you peeps more about
our visit to the open air museum..lots of old farms in central Norway style..
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