trip to Scandinavia again..

Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 160 was good to see my old mates at the pub..
we used to have a few dancings in my village these days..
macumba,the mill,big pipe,fahrenheit..these days..
when i was in a crazy mood..I went out barefoot..
everybody declared me a fool..eccentric..
I usually got stoned out of my ass..and lots of folks..
payed me a beer..I was the first one with long hair..
in this bloody village..the older generation of folks..
did not Dad had to face lots of crap..
because of all changed.. in 1974..few years later..
I appeared in a few newspapers....and suddenly..
these fucking assholes..who critisized me earlier on..
came and shook my hand..I shook it back..
but I thought by myself..fuck you mate
you cannot shake hands with a clenched fist
I don't like double standards..never did..
they said..oh never worked etc..
but have seen something in this world.. Dad's friend wanted his house painted...
I earned a few bucks from idea was..
to start middle or end may...on a trip to Sweden..
and Norway..I had a crush on Aslaug from Al..
this is a little village between Oslo-Bergen..
she invited me to come and work on her farm..
in Hallingdal regio..between Gol-Geilo..
I met her in Oslo before I went to India..
omg...she was beautiful..awww..
I also promessed Gunilla to visit her in Nynashamn..
place bit south below Stockholm..
so it became 25th may....and...I started again...
another saw the midnight sun before...
it's marvelous..will tell you when i come to Sweden..
Scandinavia...has got rough weather...very short summer..
Bergen(Norway)has got lots of rains..
there's a joke about this way..
that local dogs start barking at you..
when you don't carry an umbrella
because..they're a tourist..
so here we go..I remember I started off hitching..
in my own Dad was sitting in a pub nearby..
great fellow he was..real great fellow..
I got a ride towards a village about 15km from my own..
Lommel-hitch to Eindhoven-Nijmegen-Arnhem-Hengelo..
hitching in Holland was a piece of cake..
I used these big letters..Arnhem..
slept outside somewhere just over Dutch-German border...
place called Nordhorn..was aiming next day for Bremen-Hamburg..
will tell more later on..Tiger(Emiel)

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