trip to India=Turkey

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Ankara..I didn't like this place too much..huge bus station..very confusing..
I had to switch bus there direction Erzurum(Anatolia)it's a long journey from
Istanbul..but one advantage hotel necessary..because these buses
go day and night..I missed some scenery between Istanbul-Ankara-Yozgat-
perhaps..but once Erzincan-Erzurum in reach it was O.K..loveley scenery..
Erzurum smaller bus to Agri..then a shared taxi towards(dolmus)to border
town an overnight stay in a sleazy hotel...I had met a French couple going to this area of Turkey is very remote
and backward..maybe nowadays they have seen more weird travellers there
they could not understand that 2 guys travelling with a chick was possible?
we had to lock our hotelroom doors..real paranoid situation
Dogubayazit is near Mount Ararat...according to the legend the Ark of Noah stranded there..well..I've never been a religious didn't care..but the Ararat mountain range looks nice flirts with the border regio of Iran-Armenia-Turkey..Mount Ararat is bit over 5000m high
i believe the bible legend says that the ark stranded here(Urartu)
some mountain climbers have gone in search for the ark..without result..
next morning I took a dolmus to Bazargan together with these French..
border is called Bazargan..not to much hassle on the Iranian side..but the Turks gave us a thorough rucksack search..we took a shared taxi to Mako
if I remember well??first place in Iran..better roads then in Eastern Turkey.
next town was'll tell more later on..O.K?

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