trip to India=Lahore

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Lahore..the Punjab...just be careful around the Railway Station..
I don't know about the situation nowadays..but in the time I was
there..i got a warning in Istanbul from travellers who passed here..
to be extra careful for theft,rip offs..some crooks went that far to hide
dope in someone's rucksack in a hotel..then the police..hassles etc..
it was a corruption game..that doubt Lahore has got history..
the Badshahi mosque is dates from the Moghul period..
the old part of Lahore is worth a stroll..Anarkali bazar is full of shops..
where you definiteley smell Pakistan..if you ever have the chance to listen
to a real performance of qawali should visit some tombs where
a pir(Sufi holy man)is buried..there are several in's music where
the performers almost get in a trance..often religiously inspired..
The Mall is a nice avenue to stroll trough as well..lots of Victorian style buildings like Faletti's hotel etc...someone had recommend me to visit the loveley
Shalimar I was O.K..but I think it was not worth the taxi
ride to the outskirts on GT road towards the Indian border..
these Mogul style gardens are a marvel of irrigation techniques..
flowers and trees..Shah Jehan certainly was a fellow with great insight how
to make gardens worthwhile looking at..after 2 days in bustling Lahore..
I had enough of it..I was gonna move into India..via Wagah border.. some place I can write stories about..I hope I'm not boring
you all for me just writing this down..brings back my gypsie heart

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