trip to India=Iran..

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So..finally this train was moving towards the Iranian-Paki border..
border town for Iran was Mirjaveh..lots of sun..
border town for Pakistan was Taftan if I recall well..this train trip goes through
desert arid area..little outlets like Nokkundi-Dalbandin-Nushki..
I recall mostly as stopping places to get a tea or some snacks for this difficult Nokkundi villagers wait 1 week to meet this train...
to sell their stuff eggs,vegetables..fruits..snacks..tea..biscuits..
the whole thing..i remember..the train had to stop in the heat of the desert..because..there was sand on the tracks..which had to be shovelled was terrrible hot as well..but still..what an adventure it was..a real desert trip..I remember it vividly still now
Finally we reached Quetta railway station..wandered into town..and met..
to my surprise a Swedish missionary living on the outskirts of Quetta..
he took me in..for 2 days..I guess he felt left out in this damned town..
he was a protestant..loveley wife..I recall his daughter as well..teenager..
he told was very hard to live in Pakistan to win souls..religion..oh my..oh a Muslim conservativ place like Quetta..he said he had to deal
with lots of corruption..easy game in this part of the world..luckily he got financial aid directly from Sweden..this fellow dropped me into Quetta next
morning..wanted to see what this town was about..nothing special really..
I bumped into a Californian guy..together we had to go to the local police station to get registered for entering the area..lots of tea..waiting..
and Paki bureaucraty..well..well..still..Quetta town got some charm..
you see tribals in traditional dress..with these funny trousers..
I went to the railway station to get information about travelling towards
Lahore in Pakistani Punjab..long train journey..will tell you later on
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