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tHERE is a RALEIGH CAMP. It has a tarp set up-----with an emphasis on the square end where the grommet comes through. the dowarger is supposed to be able to go and visit those camps were those Raleigh tarps are set u
a dude with OCULUS glasses is set-up in a building with a courtyard-------------the glasses indicate the QUADRILATERAL REVOLUTION which, apparently, is a paradigm shift for a lot of people. He has hand gestures like Alessio--------------the place where I was had blankets all in white
there is a symbol of a name-tag of logan dhonou or forsythe, which is an indication of ambiguity with respect to high - school mannerisms, identity, juvenility, triangle oblique economy
Some chick has a bag with transistors in there. She wants to cell them on the bedouin market. I offer numbers which indicate structure-----$20, $40, $200 dollars - - AMERICAN

7?22/20 - 20
I discover, in a cave an older indication of Carthaginians who had been to the planet that we are on in a much earlier date-------------------------we hfind music videos to watch

There is also time travel directions for how to build a guitar/launch-pad/bridge/banjo/bass guitar. This is not the guitar of Victor Wooten. There are structural elements that are completely unique-----it's much older fashioned.
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