Too Old To Rock And Roll But Too Young To Die?

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Just call me Frostydog or Frosty or whatever. I live at the edge of the Appalachian mountains in the state of Georgia in the USA. I am married ( my second marriage) and I have three kids and four grandkids. I am losing my hair, and really just don't care. I think about the past a lot. I remember how things were when I was a child and wish my kids could experience life as we did then instead of how it is now. Both of my parents are dead. My mother died in 1999 and my father in 2004. I rode my first motorcycle when I was 51. I do not smoke. I drink socially and I might have a shot or two of Grey Goose vodka ( a favorite of mine) at night sometimes. I have tattoos and don't regret getting them. I want to be cremated when I die and put in one of those Bio-Dome things and grow into a tree. I used to think I was a Christian but lost my faith after my first marriage failed. I enjoy laughing and video games and I love animals. Like my wife, I read constantly and love scary tales and films etc. I love 70's music and old TV shows I remember from childhood. I can't stand Donald Trump. I am a liberal Democrat politically. I am a moderate I guess when it comes to sexual mores etc. I try not to judge others. I try to get along with everyone I can. I think kids grow up too fast today. My favorite color is blue. I was born on a Thursday in the August of 1966. I'm lefthanded. Anything else?
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