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Toledo was reached by a 1 hour train ride from Atocha Madrid..
it was about 70kms..this city is situated along the Tajo river..
it is an ancient place with history enough to write a book about it..
we stayed in the youth hostel..which was one of the best experiences
we had on this all Spain trip..because it's situated in a real castle..yes..
we booked a room for 2 nights..this castle is called San Servando..
it's near the Alcantara bridge..which spans the river and gives access
to Toledo town..I will do another posting on this town..because I got
something to tell about this place..the following video=probably Chinese
or South Korean folks..tells it all..for me it's like going back there..
lovely impression of this old city..known for knives and scissors by the way..
as a matter of fact we bought a small scissors..and we still got it now..
after settling in our cosy castle youth hostel room..uhuh..
we felt like attacking the old town..involved some brisk walking!!!
beware..just wear sunglasses and a hat..let me warn you all??
it can be bloody hot in Toledo...and while we were was!!!
so..crossing the bridge over the Tajo..gave us a lovely view on the city..
I believe there are about 5 bridges to cross that river somewhere??
we walked to Plaza Zocodover..local fols call it Zoco..the way towards
there..took us trough narrow alley ways with flowered balconies...
a beautiful square..the cathedral and the Alcazar were very near..
lots of was bloody hot...pffft...
my wife...couldn't take the heat..we took a *gazpacho*=a cold soup...
will report more in following posting about this place to remember..
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