Three Months Before the Indigo Riots

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Like Salt-Water.... Joe

like salt water joe cutting up the Sun
with Hardened Hands he hollers for the Craw
Jackelyn Shandy holding Jack-hammers Up in the light
Peace of mind to be fed something like a metaphor
Cash change when you realize how longe we been here
Refining these shadows behind the electrical Structure of the Brain

I would posit a harp for wailing chromium blues, a drop in the bucket, a kicking can,
a guttural whisper---or from the gutter the kicked can kicks up against the skycan

Sell, sell, sell
Why buy when you aint got nothing to gamble it on
Nobody running anymore -- Just Boxing

"I care about things that matter"
She said with frollicking haste

My wet eyes, my sharp soul, the trust of years
Programmed for Fuck
or long nights Alone
Not Fried or Shucked (at least 3 months before the Indigo riots)

Spontaneously Deliver what was in the wings all along

It could have been Gods loneliest fool bartering an exchange of playwrites
Or Hipparchus holding up his Astrolabe at sunrise
The Redwood trees were planted by an ORACLE
And grew through
A Thousand Summers and Thrash

Oh where was the Stash of Rum and the hidden follies of opium??/-
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