This Time of Year

Published by Friar Turk in the blog Friar Turk's Ramblings and Poetry. Views: 313

I love this time of year, with ample candy apple,
peppermint bon, tangerine dreams
supple sassyfrass julips drinking in
the endless autumn chill
with pomp and sass in their shoulders
and sheen in theiir supple golden thighs

Yet dry like Sagamore
and bumming bumble-bees ashore
waiting for you to dance them
and spy the maskettes that she makes
When attending your prayers and vigils

I will attend to you with whiskey
Coca cola, lemon and tea
Drink you down to the creek
and cross you there

and there

Forever I will live in your eyes
Sure and gentle
like the old oak of our den, of our forest glen
Where strawberries weep sugar and crystal falls
the Dawn Always
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