This is not the job I signed up for

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So here I am, just shy of a week from the day that my senile coworker got mad at our boss and quit. I've been having such a wonderful time of it all- from the dirty looks, to the people spying on me through the lab windows.
I am Wondergirl, the only person left in the plant that knows how to fully run this lab, and yet instead of accepting the obvious fact that our company won't stop production while they find a replacement, my lovely coworkers instead choose to focus on the fact that I am a salaried employee, while the lab is a union job.
Meanwhile, I'm training my boss' mom (a union worker with a different boss) as a lab back-up, and that's being received about as well as you think it would be.
Sigh. This all happened because the original lab tech (that I trained to replace me) went out on medical leave due to a botched surgery.
The cherry on top of this shit-show is that I was informed today that I will also start training the most annoying person in the world next week. A foul-mouthed, obnoxiously loud girl from the packaging department.
I am also disastrously behind on the work from my actual job.
Obviously, I have angered ye, gods.
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