the story of Phoolan Devi...a bandit queen...

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Phoolan Devi belonged to the lowest castes from India..
they are called *harijans* or *dalits*
she was a with a gang of goonda's..
fighting the her story in this link..
later on...she was captured by Indian police..
served a jail out...and became..
a minister in Indian politics...yeah..that's India..
she was shot to death..murdered...

in 1994 Shekar Kapur produced a movie called Bandit Queen..
since there was a rape and naked scene in it...
in fact..the movie was forbidden in India..
and believe it or not..the leading actress..
was an Assamese..named Seema Biswas..
if you ever get the chance to see this movie..
just watch it..I've seen it..on German television..
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