The State vs. Alternative Thinker

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You're alone in the world, and it seems there's no one who can understand where you're coming from.
You're a minority, a threat to society, and you're seen as a disturbed entity.

I'm not just talking about myself, but if you are an alternative thinker, you encounter opposition. To the world, you're opinion is like a deadly bomb.
To them, you're a terrorist, no different than ISIS. They hear what you say and get pissed, and there's no denying this.

Even when you're just an online persona, if you're like me, you remain honest.
But you still must wear a mask, if you want to complete your task. No need to answer sensitive questions they ask.

And just like that, you approach the cyber world, a cyber society, and kick the hornet's nest.
Almost everyone will oppose, some of them will try to break your nose, no one will send you any rose.

Some of them will also become determined to have you locked up.
Welcome to a dystopia, where everyone has "youphobia", making you realize this is no utopia.

"Protect our society", they say, "you're fucked up", they say, but in the end, they are the ones that are fucked up.
Society has brainwashed them all, Blue Pills available at every mall, and if you try to stand tall, they'll try to make you fall.

The State vs. Alternative Thinker, this is a tale of anyone who has taken a Red Pill.
You're on the run, the world no longer seems fun, where their justice is done, by a gun.
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