The Purpose Of Philosophy

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The purpose of philosophy is to explore oneself and reality and then create values. Most people being farsighted, soon come to the question of what is to come well beyond their own lives. One then finds that time ruins, and can either develop a heroic attitude as part of his creation of values or develop a defeatist attitude which inhibits his continued philosophizing relative to the strength of that attitude. The heroic attitude is the attitude which attempts to preserve all that one values, despite their inevitable ruin.

The basic definition of philosophy becomes convoluted when mixed in with other acts done under the same name. A charade that has nothing to do with philosophy, where due to varying motives one creates fantasies and calls them real.

Honest men wish to gather to discuss philosophy, and for those who share values to create solidarity. Sharing blood is one aspect which leads honest men to share values, but even those among the human species with relatively highly divergent blood may share values, incidentally. It seems that heroic attitude is one that may be shared both due to blood or incidentally.

For one unable to philosophize, but wishes to, he must dedicate much of his time towards developing that ability. He must attempt to explore reality honestly, and fail, repeatedly, as part of developing this ability. To start he might want to not mislabel what he doing. Not philosophizing, he's developing an ability. Some honest knowledge will come in, but he can only guess how that would compare to the knowledge he'd gain with the ability to take a more complete honest approach. Furthermore, he must create and speak of values only as is necessary for his own continued and long term well being. But, this is a matter of self-improvement. Anyone seeking self improvement mustn't confuse the end result or intermediary stages, as a place to attempt to immediately be at. One must continue as one is, with slight progress in mind.
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