the psy Goa trance scene in Belgium

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Psy trance is very popular in my country...although Belgium is a fair small country the Goa gigs are almost every weekend a big gig in Ghent called Nova's Incident which was held before in Vielsalm(South part of Belgium)they do not do it there anymore because last year a freak under drugs influence walked totally naked from the event towards the railway station..:grinning::flushed:the locals couldn't take it,so no more events in Vielsalm...this year they revived the gig in the town of goes on saturday 08 sept from 15.00h afternoon until sunday morning 07.00h...the line up...Oh well..the crème de la crème Talamasca..entrance fee is bit on the high side=30 euro's==30 dollars...i might go...if i get transport?

Nova's Incident XVI Urban Open Air - Kompass Gent - Saturday, 08 September 2018 | PartyBeep

in 2016 i witnessed Atmos live on Ozora festival(Hungary)===good experience really...

the Muses Rapt

Astral Projection....

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