The Prayer Of Jabez: 30 Days, Or 30 Years?

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Everything Deanna has done in my life has led me inexorably to posting my innermost thoughts in public in my HipForums blogs. I used to do my blogging to Deanna only, in MySpace PMs and then in facebook PMs. Now I publish my blogs publicly on HipForums...and occasionally on my facebook timeline, still. I can see what Deanna has done to me over the years that has led me to this public exhibitionism...and now I'm beginning to see where she was going when she gave me a copy of a book called The Prayer of Jabez for Christmas in 2002.

The author of that book told his readers that if they prayed this prayer for 30 days, their lives would show significant change. Deanna gave me this book almost 14 years ago, and I am still learning more about this pathway. I would tend to to say that the author of that book was not totally honest with himself or with his readers...still, he was onto something. It is just that he fell into a spiritual trap...well, maybe actually more like an Earthly, material trap.

So I will just tell you this: It MIGHT take longer than 30 days for your life to change. ;) Sorry if this news pisses you off...

God created instantaneous changes in the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, of course. However in general, God tends to take a slower road for most of the rest of us.

I have a HipForums friend who says that enlightenment can be instantaneous - and apparently WAS, for him. I argue with him that the slow road has more to offer in terms of overall richness of experience.

Cuz: Why live a life, if not to experience stories???

Where is the story in instantaneous enlightenment? That is one story, over and done. The slow road offers the possibility of endless stories...
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