The Power Of Lingerie

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the word "Power"
by itself
to me
has gained a bad reputation. has attained a negative conotation

whereas, the word "Ego"
for me
has also slipped into hard times of perception

in my opinion, they were and are meant for each other
like captain and co-captain. driver and passenger. each taking a turn at the wheel
each feeding each other with voracious appetities

Toss the word "lingerie" into any conversation or exchange and the recipe immediately changes
And, from my experience, that eight letter word has the power to immediately transform communication
Whether it be a group of work associates. An online chatroom. or, a bar table conversation that has suddenly become serious
"Lingerie". As feminine. As lacey. As pretty. As girlie. As indulgent as women's clothing can be
"Lingerie" is powerful. The power to entice men and women. The power to transform moments and bodies. The power of sex

This is how I plug "Lingerie" into my personal equation: Lingerie = Power + Ego = Confidence

Whenever I wear lingerie (which is not as much as you think I would), I also experience a transformation --- from the inside out.
My secret. My sexy little secret. My powerful ego booster that puts confidence into my strut (what else can you do in heels?)
With each movement --- walking. sitting. bending. even standing. I can feel the reminder from within that I am wearing sexy underwear.

And, no one knows it but me

From the moment I decide to make the effort (usually, the night before) --- and, it IS an effort --- there is a sense of exhilaration that builds
Right from the start. as I go through my drawers (yes. drawer(s) plural) to start choosing what I want to wear today --- the excitement begins

Stockings. Thigh highs are where I start. color. material. pattern. but. be honest. it is always the new ones. most often white or pastel.
Garter belt. always white. usually a lace (had a combo with a bustier but a BF ripped off one of the suspenders).
Panty / bra combo. not the everyday stuff. the stuff that has been washed too much. the panties that "touch" me. the bra that "holds" me.
Panties and bras that usually reveal more than they conceal. The kind that make me feel like I'm not wearing any.
Usually sheer (luv to look at myself in the mirror. talk to myself. pose. pout. touch) sometimes lace

Strewn all over my bed. so much fun. but, I have favorites. the ones that make me feel good and make me look good

Bustiers. Corsets. Combos. Too expensive. and, definitely not forgiving (still trying to lose a few) --- not for me.

The dressing up is the best!!! Naked in front of the mirror. A full length mirror. Wine glass in hand. Ready to become Cinderella.

Bra. Always first. As much as I hate wearing bras I really like wearing these. they always make my boobs look better. with a hint of nipple.
A little spritz of perfume around my belly and on with the garter belt.
Another spritz to my inner thighs. My navel. And, many spritzes into my pubes. Careful not to spray you know what (damn that stings!)
Then. The stockings. My favorite. Luv that clingy feeling. Luv pulling them up. How they shape my legs. Pulled tight with my garter belt.
And, the cherry at the bottom. The heels. Always closed toed (hate my ugly toes). Lifts me up. Shapes my calves. Changes my attitude

So. When I put on that dress --- the one that perfectly accentuates my stox and shoes --- that tiny bit of material between the public and private.
When I straighten. Tug. Zip. Pose. Spritz. Turn. Pose. Bend. Sashay. Spritz. Smooth. Cup. Position. and Spritz one last time


Got my sex armor on and ready to joust!
Feel so hot. So confident. So wanting as I climb the stairs (my bedroom is in the basement) and head out into the evening.
Feeling all that clingy material shift and tense as I move. Each step makes me want sex more and more even before I see my date.

Have always thought that this should be the way I should dress for a job interview (have one tomorrow).

For me
Lingerie only has one purpose for me


Feedback has triggered my curiosity. my sense of exploration. my rationalization to go lingerie shopping (again)

Black stockings
Black stocking w heels
Not sure if I could pull that off

The women I have seen wearing that intimidating combination have an air of being self-contained. content in their skin. getting what they want.

Opaque black stockings would change my wardrobe. would force change. would need new outfits (oh darn!)

Question is: Could I "leave them on"? Would my white skin look even whiter? Pale?
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