The Long Trek Starts Here

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Ok guys so I've been thinking about this for a little and I have figured out how I'm going to do go about this. Starting from today I am going to be telling you a story a story about me a factual story from the eyes and ears and thoughts of me. As I get to the point where I'm ready to be the day I'll treat it like a chapter but for future notice the story may end at a random point that doesn't mean it was done for any reason. I'm hoping that I have people who read this as it goes and have feedback they would like to give or questions about the things written. For example if I didn't tell you enough about what I did or why I was thinking what I thought don't be afraid to ask that is the point of me doing this to take what I have learned and experienced as a way not only for me to express myself but also as a piece that cause let it be inspiration, a way to reflect or for some just a pure good read with some meaning to it. And just for warning this isn't a story that if you don't like strong language and imagery to read because to be frank I'm not here to try and impress anyone really haha. Hope y'all enjoy and can't wait to hear for y'all in the near future!
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