The grand fucked knee saga

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Well it's been a while since I even mentioned the problem that has now been dragging on for 18 months. When I last saw my surgeon I was having a particularly good spell so we decided that it would be good to wait 6 months before discussing any further intervention and to see how much more improvement could be attained. Well! Sod's law dictates that I had hardly left the building (slight exaggeration) and the shit hit the fan or in other terms it all went tits up!
Clearly the main, and in the surgeon's mind most serious, problem is fixed but the most debilitating problem is leading the life of Reilly. My knee still collapses, I still fall down and am not sure from day to day what will transpire.
It is much better. I do have days at a time when it all goes to plan and the biggest thing is that if my knee does collapse it can function again in a relatively short time. Thankfully the days of it locking in a bent position and taking hours to straighten appear to have gone. I am also walking fairly normally with no cane or crutches most of the time so...............yeah.......................onwards and upwards as they say!
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