The girlfriend's Country and Foot Pain

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Seems I'm always plagued with some kind of foot/leg type issue when I visit my girlfriend in her country. I don't know why, but it just happens.

It's been a bit over a month since I got here. As a mere visitor and not a resident, I must say I love it here, however, if I have one thing to complain about then it's that I hurt my feet/legs every time I come here for a visit. It sucks because I otherwise love to walk all over this city, as I have done in the past(prior to getting the ankle ailment due to too much walking). I was really hoping to get some walking done here as I know it would help me lose the poundage I want to get rid of. But so far, I've been totally relying on my girlfriend's driving me around. Either that, or the wonderful public transit system they have in this city.

I've been trying to give my feet a rest, and I've been putting some medicinal cream on them. I now have gel insoles in my shoes to ease the impact of walking. But it seems that my feet need more than a mere couple days of near-complete rest at a time. I'm pretty positive they'll get better if I don't go out for like a couple weeks straight, but that's just not a realistic option, period. Maybe this pain I'm feeling every time I take a step is meant for me to embrace.

But, man, the pain sure does suck.
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