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So I just noticed the journal section is now available to us non-registered members as well....or maybe I'm just a total shoe and didn't see it before. Hmmm.... Shoe? Roll with it.

Being Alternative_Thinker on HF has so far been both satisfying and agonizing. Satisfying because, despite my unorthodox stance in life, a number of people have shown interest in becoming my friends. Some are still actively posting on here, others have become quiet for their own reasons. But I still talk to them, and I am honoured to be their friend.

Being AT is also agonizing because, well, it's just due to my unorthodox stance in life. I simply look at it as a given. Especially because I tend to meet more opposition than allies, the allies I meet on here mean so much to me.

Anyway, enough of that for now.... At any rate, thank you, my friends! :)
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