The Difference Between Alderaan And A Tree Of Maple

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[background=rgb(252,252,255)]how long has it been deer brother
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]since you've been hunted this way
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]through the eye of beauty
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]and the chill of night

[background=rgb(252,252,255)]breathing icicle vapours
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]mists of cold and damp
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]inhaling your own kind
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]waiting with the hushed trace
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]of the peering elven lords
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]jealous of their trees

[background=rgb(252,252,255)]couldn't you have bowed your wood to aim at orion
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]instead of these hollered trees damned
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]with their earthen hues
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]their natural judgment
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]so proud the stern pride of oak
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]yet now the love has been split into three

[background=rgb(252,252,255)]like telling the difference between alderaan and a tree of maple
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]tracking fiction from science and nightengale from the stars
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]the joining of sap with or by sap-lovers
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]the blind gatherer of plums from an ancient orchard
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]wearing his vest on his sleeve and harrowing apricot moons

[background=rgb(252,252,255)]it is really only a matter of incantation, to shift the pull of the
[background=rgb(252,252,255)]earth against her belly--and away from the rubidium night
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