That’s the way she wants to keep me.

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I woke up around 3 am really horny, and started to masturbate, until I felt a lot of pre cum, so I stopped, and started rubbing Baby Doll’s pussy. She woke up and started jerking on little willy, and I was getting really wet, so she said “I better stop”. I felt the sheet and there was a puddle, and said “I think I had a ruined orgasm”…”lick it up and see”.

It was cum, and I did not feel a thing, and I was still horny as hell, so she got on the edge of the bed and gave me a wonderful tease and deny session, and this time, she made me stop in time.

We both agreed, that if I am going to have a ruined orgasm, that is the best kind. I get to cum, and I remain really, really horny, and that’s the way she wants to keep me, for all time.
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