Thanksgiving.... Giving Thanks

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thanksgiving.... giving thanks son wrote and said this is a day we have to take back, to gather again with family and extended family.
And we all (not any one should take this we, as being them,..... lol) seem to have gone so far away and all at the same time seem to yearn to come together again.....
But while this does mean blood family (though then again maybe not for some too) it means even more family of spirit ..people who share that undefinable something that shouts from spirit to spirit, letting you <feel> the Connection.
Not that you want them as a lover ...though could be that you were, once upon another time and space..but that there is a sharing of dreams and visions that you can <feel>.
And not that you could even necessarily live with a specific indivdual in community, a day in and out sharing, because your own dynamics of this Now might preclude , or make that not <feel> desirable.
< and these marks around the feel is that these are intuitive feels which are different than emotional feels...and i do not know if I have the vocabulary without going on and on to explain....i think you Know what I speak of >

....So to my family, and some of you may have no idea I feel this close to you, ...and possibly vica versa.... just feel warm and loving and close and caring and wanting to hug if only hugs did not have inbuilt meanings that took it places that made it not what was meant.....a spiritual deep loving hug which again is not of the emotional romantic love but of a deeper through lifetimes and Work times of existence, a sharing , a melding together of spirit, and we are here to grow on, and we help each other grow, and o Yes I love seeing you fly high and higher, and might I help you go further just by my being so happy to see you grow on ...

you Know ?

And so you my family my intimates of spirit...on this day that has the most meaning to me of all the days that this culture shares, may you have a wonderful time being thankful for all that Is ...for the being that you Are, and we are, and the stone you hold is, and the air you breathe, and the wind that playfully tugs at you..... for all that IS, a big sigh of thank you ....just for being you, goes out to One and All; with reverence and honoring each and every One and All.

with you all, thank you from the heart

love you


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