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Trains are slow in India..the slowest were passenger trains..
no idea ..if they still exist??nowadays India got express trains..
very fast trains etc..on a passenger can expect
anything..very crowded..and packed with *saman*(luggage)
you'll meet the poorer class of India on these trains..
the *gaon wallah's*=villagers travelled that way early 70's..
so...Thanjavur..only 55kms..still over an hour journey..
Thanjavur..has got this great temple called Brihadisvara..
it was a Shiva temple..impressiv..but..after so many temples..
they began to look a bit all the same to me??
I noticed a *nandi*=bull..and a lot of sculpure work as well..
it's a very ancient temple..I just wandered around a bit..
inside this temple complex..decided to go to Chidambaram..
bus trip of a few hours..will tell you later on..

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