terrible happening in Greece...

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So..border crossing over to Greece from Turkey..took a while..
specially on the Turkish side(exit)I met an American couple..
they were hitchhiking to Saloniki..we got picked up..all 3 of us..
by some weird looking couple in a VW bus..driver looked bit stoned??
so..we went on..stopped in Xanti in a roadside caf?..this dude(driver)
took ouzo like we drank coffee so after this we moved on..and it became dark..stopped bit before Kavalla...again roadside caf?..
you know..Greece..people can be very liveley..there was bouzouki music..
plenty of ouzo flowing..the American couple had an argument with this
crazy dude..he was plain drunk.. I moved out of that caf?..and walked
about 1km.further down the road..where I slept the night on the roadside
in a field..next morning..to my surprise..I was picked up by Greek police..
and was driven by them to the police station in Kavalla town..mystery??
another big surprise..in the police station..the American couple+the wife
of that crazy dude also present...we got some food(feta cheese with bread)offered by the police..I was taken into a separate room..could not
talk to either the American couple or the wife of this dude..
So..police asked me questions about the ride with this dude..
they told me following story...which is really awful
after I had left that caf?...the American couple had an argument with that dude..he was acting foolishly..went outside on the road..now..that road..
was pitch dark..no street light..this crazy dude..must have been jumping
around on the street...a truck coming from Kavalla..did not see him in time
fellow got hit...fell under the wheels...and was killed on the spot
can you imagine the wife??how she must have felt??I can't??
so..after this police interrogation..we were all set free....and hitched ride
to Thessaloniki...where I stayed in the Youth hostel..I needed a bath...
and I was really upset about this accident...will tell more later on..
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