Television quiz...on BRT..

Published by old tiger in the blog old tiger's Blog. Views: 141 fine day..I went to do a selection for Senegal..
the selection were no easy questions..but...I managed quite well..
in fact..I was selected..and had to play against a bank director..
I got about 35 days inbetween selection and actual recording.
never had been on television before..that day..I was nervous..
brr..all these lights and camera's focused on our faces..
first there was make up done...then bit of training..
about how this program was set up..bit confusing..
we sat on a table..facing each other..
we had some jetons..which represented money..
and according to the question..we could set in the money we wanted...
my opponent=Marcel..was a nice fellow..
he was as nervous as I was..ahah..
so we played...and the questions were quite difficult..
as a matter of fact..both of us did NOT play to well..
we finished the game by a score of 18000/16000
I mean Belgian francs won..could have been better..
but guess what??at the end of the program..
the quizmaster announced..gentlemen..I got a surprise.
came this fellow in a booboo=long Senegale dress..
representing the Senegale embassy and tourism section..
he said..I got 2 envelopes here..with in it..
a free ticket by plane to Dakar..and a 10 day stay in a 3 star hotel..
which we could choose ourselves...I couldn't believe my eyes..
that both of this..I lost this game..anyway.. and Marcel were happy enough..
I went to Dakar and Banjul in oktober 1986...with my wife..
I'll tell you peeps about my adventures..
Marcel went in december..he sent me a postcard..

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