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Magic is often associated with that which cannot, illusion or paranormal, on the contrary it's that which will become. Its the transmutation process of manipulating universal patterns and events; in a loose explanation. One of the most important things about magic is the mood your in, ill be talking about it specifically in a context of better notion; but for now we will simply be addressing it briefly. One should always meditate in 1 way shape or form for however long you see fit, just so long as you have a moment of clarity and lack subjection of external conflict. It's important that you reach this point, the point of which all conflict, comes from that which is not within. We will stop here and move onto Tarot Magic.
I chose the lovers for the highlight of the tarot card breakdown, as it has to do with pleasing the gods, drama, theater and enactment of desire and lust. Though this card resembles a different edition in comparison to that which im using, it does not hinder ability. For that comes from within, one could you soap boxes or paper cutouts and have nearly the same affects as a printed deck, though the effects will lack ego, and depth which is essential. Currently, I am using the Nostradamus Lost Tarot Edition.

Ego and Ceremony:
Today, I went out to the park in costume to manifest ego and develop a sense of independence, individuality, self expression, self entitlement, etc. For clarification of which and what, it was a 4 piece suite and tie, very dark outfit. This is very important as it's a ceremonial development phase, many forget to enact when reading, let alone pray; this is the way of the witch, and this is the way of magic and how to understand it. When one begins to worship or practice, you must always set apart that which you must and keep this key. For this is all that you will be doing, your conviction must not be breached or you will be open to that which would seek you harm. You must not think anything but that which you intend, you must be serious; even if you plan on laughing the day away, you may end up laughing more than you would like, metaphorically speaking. In this moment you are a master of your art, you are the Miyamoto Musashi of killing and your intent cannot be breached.

The Ceremony is similar to Ego manifestation, you must know what you are doing and how you are doing it; nothing more, nothing less. It's a simple process and could be applied to every modern theological belief system today. Jewish Mysticism, Catholicism and Christianity, Freemasons, Buddhists, Wiccans and even Scientology.
  1. The preparation of the site of (worship/practice)
  2. The Cleansing and intent affirmation.
  3. Action.
  4. Event.
  5. Closing.
  6. The preparation of the site of (worship/practice)
  7. The Cleansing and intent affirmation.
This is the process, and this must be memorized; just today I had a candle nearly explode in my face as I whent to blow it out before closing with affirmation and following formality. It's not necessarily a matter of disrespecting a deity or god, its a matter of upsetting the natural flow of the universe.

The Tarot Cards:
So after I find my spot and I walk around an empty park in my suit for a while (lol funny to think about) I lay down my altar and place of ceremony. I found someones pair of glasses the day before and was hoping to get a clairvoyance reading. For this I decided to draw a geometrical circle of patterns and incantations that would protect and stimulate the reading. Once the circle was drawn and the candles as well as incense were lit, I entered a trance and became completely unaware of my surroundings, the moments were timeless in my solitude. The cards I drew had to do with an unexpected person(s) tampering with that which was written and prophetic clairvoyance. Nearly all the cards were spot on the mark, which necessarily didn't surprise me I have seen some pretty creepy messages. Anyways, I eventually came to realize that theres no way in hell im waiting around until some stranger shows up at the park so I can ask if they lost a pair of glasses. So I found the first person I could, left them on her path and made sure she would see it on the way to her car. On the way out of the park I realized something, I fulfilled the exact purpose I set out to find; one way or another.

Cause and Effect:
This is the most important thing by far, don't mess with shit. We have all heard of the butterfly effect and its not a joke, one could cast a simple act of kindness; say what I did for example, this could have made here happy, but instead of me waiting to find out if she was the owner or not I gave it away. I am neglecting someones eyesight to the least of my ability but am fulfilling someones entropy for happiness. This is a paradox and shouldn't be take lightly, a fair warning for all those that have no experience with karma.

Where the Magic Happens:
So Tarot cards are pretty easy to get a hold of, relatively easy to practice but are difficult to read. So unless you have experience with lucid dreaming or interpretation I wouldn't jump into them right away without studying a little bit first. So anyways, the magic happens in your head at first; then in the cards, then in reality. You have to make understanding of the cards and give the cards a foundation of meaning, then when you understand them you can apply them to the real world. It's possible you could be reading the cards wrong and be doing it ass backwards but still have a deep and meaningful understanding of whats going on in the cards. Because the meanings behind the cards are reflective of what you make them and summarize what 'vibe' they are picking up.

When It happens:
This is not only in regards to tarot cards, but in all things magical or out of the normal...
Life is full of patterns and everything that happens is a coincidence of phenomena. Each time a bird chirps its a mathematical equation for an event. Try and bare with me here, it may get confusing. So if a bird chirps you have an action, when an amount of actions is amounted to, and released as such intended it will create an event. This event has a small time frame to adapt and evolve into something bigger than itself. Once its at this point, anything could happen and you best stay clear. Life is a nuclear reactor, its giving you life but in the end its gonna kill you.
So yeah, lets use a real environment.

Your reading this, listen to the room or place your in...
Look around you, whats happening?
Feel the current of air and become totally aware of everything thats happening in your small space.
When you start seeing everything, you realize.
Its not random, its not phenomena.
Everything has a meaning and purpose, it will fulfill this purpose.

You may hear footsteps of someone coming closer, and then a train noise outside, maybe a animal makes a noise or sudden move.
These are all sub-sequential actions that fulfill the purpose of the event which may or may not effect you.
Mathematics can explain everything thats happening, it cant explain everything that is.
The best way to explain when something magical is about to happen is by suggestive thinking and string patterns. We will talk more about this later.

Making it happen:
By far the hardest to practice and easiest to understand.
It already happened.


These are the building blocks for kinetics, these are the stepping stones for magic. Nothing is magical until you make it so, command the rain and move the sun; thus will you do so.
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