Tam-In Salah-El Golea(Algeria)

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so..we set off..into the Sahara desert..
the Italian dude told me..he had some tyre problems..
the car he drove..was not made for a trip through Africa..
the track into the desert direction in Salah..
was no tarmac..just sand..and often..unpredictable..
it was at least 35 degrees Celsius..and sometimes..
if one looks ahead..one sees a fata morgana..
it's like a piece of water..a shimmering in the sun..
funny..as expected..the Italian dude drove himself stuck..
into a piece of loose sand..wheels very deep into the sand..
means shoveling out..in that heat..wooooh..
he had something to put under the wheels...
gave gas...but no use..we got stuck in the Sahara sand..
we got lucky...a Landrover(4 wheel drive)came by..
and they were Italians...they just pulled us out in 10 minutes..
so..we set off again...about 50kms further on..flat back tyre..
means putting on spare wheel..in that heat..
we reached In Salah very run down..we just slept outside..
in the middle of nowhere between In salah-El Golea..
Next day we reached El Golea..bit of civilisation again??
bought some food stuff..dates are very cheap in Algeria..
will tell more about the trip El Golea-Tunis..
from Bamako(Mali)already..I had written a letter to my Dad..
to send money to Marseille(France)poste restante..
I hoped he got that letter..I just had money enough..
for the ferry crossing Tunis-Marseille..
money..is necessary in life..the worst drug ever invented..
crazy Tiger
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