Talking About God

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I just wrote a poem thinking about God
I think about God alot
study religions, chant and pray

I study Christianity, Wicca, Buddhism, and Native American spiriruality i am in tons of groups on facebook
I am on some Satanic groups too but, i usually am afraid to say it cause it is so misunderstood
theistic Satanism and Luciferianism i am courious i guess

But, you can gain wisdom from religions it is like a fruit garden and you try the diffrent fruits
eat them, savor them and take what you like leave the rest
but, like all the trees come from the same ground in my garden they come from the same God.

I don't know i think religions are probally man made ideas
God does not appear and tell us what to think or belive
or show who God is or looks like
So, we use an image to connect with God inside us

Since, i quit my job i sit outside with my dog thinking about things
walk around town thinking
looking at the beutiful trees, sky and road
I live in a pretty town

I really don't think God cares what you think or belive
i think only humans care about that
I think God is everything
God is our mother and father
God is light and dark
good and evil
life and death

Many, wont like what i said i am sure but it is what i think
I guess a Christian might say so, you think God is Jesus and Satan?
in a way yes,God is everything

Athiests say God don't exist and Maybe God don't
but, I feel God does but, I will not argue
That is their life, path and journey

I see God in nature
in religion
with in myself
in everything

God is in everything so, who am i too say what God says to you?
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