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so..Szentendre is a small town at about 20kms.from Budapest..
we took a train from Buda..bit over an half hour ride..
my first impression of this place were the small cobblestoned alleys..
this place is know for art..all kinds of it..pottery,painting,sculpure etc..
we visited some galleries..but at the end...they all look bit the same..
too commercialy..tourism,you know...we went on a sunday...
and usually Szentendre is packed with tourist clicking away their camera
a few nice old churches to be seen...even one with icons..
we went into a ceramic and sculpture museum..forgot the name..
Szentendre is not a big place..just wandering through the little alleys
is worthwhile to fill in a few hours...somehow..I felt sorry..for the fact..
we stayed in the big city Budapest...there were cheap options here as well for accomodation...and..these so many other tourists
spots..belong again to the locals..once the tourists buses disappear..
and can absorb the real character of such a spot...
Szentendre is situated on a Danube bend...beautiful river..
we went back to Budapest...and next stop would be H?viz..
along Balaton lake..which stretches its waters from Balatonf?red up to
Keszthely..where H?viz is situated..a very well know thermal bath place..
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