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My next goal was Nynashamn where Gunilla was living..
I met her on my India trip..so..after Gj?vik crossed the Swedish
border around Elverum..don't recall exact name..
that area of Sweden is full of woods(skoget)I recall a place Malung..
hitched a ride to B?rlange-G?vle..I must say..Swedes are real nice
people..i stopped in Uppsala..nice university town..always something
going on there..stayed in youth hostel..I really needed a shower..
a typical pub in Uppsala..is full of youngsters..strict laws for drinking
in Sweden(systembolaget rules)a minor cannot get any booze..
but they got it anyhow..it's blooody expensive..and Swedes..
get so easily drunk..just like the Finnish..they drink until they fall
under the table..I planned a small stay in Stockholm..before moving
down to Nynashamn where I could stay in Gunilla's place...
it was South of Stockholm..she still lived with her parents..
will tell you all next time...I really liked Scandinavia a lot..
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