Surreal Romance is Always New

Published by Friar Turk in the blog Friar Turk's Ramblings and Poetry. Views: 445

druid princess in austin, so naked and provocative
waiting for a foolin ship of mercenaries and street-junkies
and a fool ship shippin' fools for the longcount count of longships

a druid fool captainin' counts of longcalls mayan or aztec
pomegranate avid avocado throes and monkey keys
terrible real estate on jupiters' moons

composers of symphonies avoiding the voided notes and voted vox and vortex
gaffed and jarred or cudgeled all around the stars of scorpio
till townes van sandt threw down his axe, how it stung

recording the loons of prine on vinyl is being vinyled on a road of dirt
and the tall trees pine in the park and with donnie darko's dark staying dark
as a cellar door creeping creepily on its rusto hinges
my girl you slept with me last night, as I resisted your titties

with patty griffin barkin at the bark of the pine
and the moon pinin' patsy cline patsied like a patsy
hummin ole faithful and moxie, night at the roxy after snorting lower-tabs
sweet home alabama and sweet pie bliss: dishes of chrystal, meth, amphetamine

i thought of the old cuts new and the wood bark blue
the soft white pine and the whole milk vine
the green night soft and the pine needles on her back when i picked her up
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