Suicide, Vegetarianism, and that Whole Roseanne Thingie

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These are three random thoughts that leave and come to mind in random order. Sometimes I feel the effects of public media, social media, news commentary, public opinion, and then my own moral compass. Suicide has been mentioned in the news lately because of the Kate Spade (unknown to me) suicide and later by the Anthony Bourdain suicide. People come out of the woodwork to post their opinions on the topic. I am amazed at how many professionals flap their jowls with 20/20 hindsight about the overlooked signs and symptoms of the lurking mental illness. Maybe everyone should be obliged to fill out a daily questionnaire about his or her suicide potential levels.
Having money and fame don't necessarily provide the tools needed to make the suicide wish go away. I think each of these people had a demon of some sort or other that simply wasn't dealt with. I certainly spend a good part of my day with ugly, nasty, unfriendly, ungrateful, malodorous individuals (both as co-workers and as clients) who could contribute to my not wanting to go on... But my solution to 'not wanting to go on,' would not be to remove myself from the living among the planet. Instead, I would move, or change jobs, or ask for help.
The last time I remember seeing and hearing so much endless commentary about suicide was when Robin Williams died. I don't hold celebrities to a higher standard because they have high media presence and earn oodles of money. Clearly, they suffer from the same burdens that the rest of us terrestrials perceive throughout the course of a lifetime. Maybe they just feel it more intensely because of their exposure to loops, videos, gifs, jpgs, and whatever other type of media they use as devices of audio-visual torture.


I'm not one of of them. Not a vegan either. I've given up on some foods along the way. This has mostly been done for the purpose of weight loss. I've increased my consumption of produce and have all but eliminated (no pun intended) mammal flesh. Animal protein I consume is from dairy, eggs, chicken, and fish. Over time, I suspect the sources of protein will also change and that I will rely more upon beans and grains.

Have you ever tried to get a carnivore (or omnivore) to eat at a vegetarian restaurant? Whenever I do, I'm asked if I'm converting. People can choose to eat any cuisine under the sun (i.e., Chinese, Mexican, Indian, Peruvian, Ethiopian) and no one would bat an eye in a large, major city. But--in my observations--when I vegetarian restaurant is suggested as an option, the response is met with a silent chill.

For that reason (among others) I generally choose to dine alone. I have a sweet hippie restaurant/grocer/vitamin store outlet in Altadena that I support (Oh Happy Days). It's been around for awhile and it supports a wide variety of tastes. The yuppie gentrification set haven't found it yet. Personally, I like it and try to make it there at least once a week. Vegetarian living seems to ground me.


Not much to say about her. I'm more perplexed at how many people have an opinion about her crazy shenanigans! She reminds me of Joan Rivers; only less educated, less attractive, and less sophisticated. She is crass and vulgar and the fact that she was born Jewish doesn't automatically endear her to me in any way, shape, or form.

I don't like her and I have never supported or endorsed any of her work. What I am most sorry about, is the fact that her behavior caused her show to cancel and thereby caused her co-workers to loose a contract. Now THAT is what I would call S E L F I S H behavior!
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