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Uppsala towards Stockholm was only a short distance..
now..Stockholm town..if you like water..this is the place to be..
the old town(Gamla Stan)is a maze of little streets with nice shops..
Stockholm is as well a very busy bustling ferry point..
I recall hanging around in Central Station..picked up a city map..
youth hostel was intended to sleep in the rough..
dropped my rucksack in a locker at the station..and went off..
exploring Stockholm town..I recall it was a very sunny day..
Swedes like the outdoors on sunny days..they walk around in the city..
or go to their cottages around Stockholm..what struck me were the big
amount of drunken dudes on the street..mainly harmless..but not a nice sight..summers are quite short in Sweden..and people really get stoned
on booze..the beer you got there in these days in cans..named Pripp..
just dishwash water compared to Belgian beer..I started talking to some
youngsters..chicks/dudes..on a square in central Stockholm..
they were obviously having a ball on the talk was mainly big
bullshit..these got these raggare in Sweden..kind of teddy boy
types..mainly driving around in big cars..and getting stoned on booze..
I got a ride with them what you say to these dudes..
usually a big mouth..and bad language..they did not like Swedish system
in fact they liked nothing..only thing was sex,drugs and rockn'roll.. just talked along with them..I'm doubting whether
these raggare still exist nowadays in Sweden...anyway..they did early 70' worthwhile a visit..Skansen is a fun park
with lots of activities..but I did not go there..I hung around mainly in
central's very expensive Stockholm..booohh..
in the evening..I got my rucksack back..and found myself a place to
crash for the night in a park..quite bit in the enough..
crazy Tiger
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