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I never could sleep at ferry came out in Stockholm.
with a heavy head..not easy to hitch out of Stockholm as well..
it took me a while to reach the outskirts direction S?dertalje..
got a ride up to Eskilstuna..stood there for more then 1 hour..
I knew I was not gonna make G?teborg..some days one is not lucky..
but I didn't care a shit anyway..reached ?rebro in early afternoon..
some nice scenery...and got picked up by these young folks..
driving a big Volvo..nice cars..a trademark for Sweden really..
the regio below ?rebro deserves a visit of a few days even..
there are 2 big lakes..V?nern and V?ttern..real huge lakes...
I took the shores of V?ttern lake..towards Motala-Vadstena-Granna..
loveley scenery..I reached Granna late afternoon..
decided to sleep rough there..sleeping rough is not easy sometimes..
i can tell you stories about that on my Africa trip..
Granna is a very touristic place for Swedes...ask any Swede about
*polkagrisar*it's a kind of sweet(candy)Granna is such a nice little
town with wooden houses..and..candy shops of course...
i bet dentists have lots of work in this regio??there's a youth hostel..
but if one walks 2kms out of these little's easy to find place
to sleep rough..I would recommend all of you to visit Granna..
typical Swedish little town..I simply can tell you all..I loved it..
I'll try to find a the way tomorow to G?teborg then..
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