Spring In The Air

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February is indeed a time which “sees us shiver', although the chill of winter's breeze should not be felt as a stark reminder of the bleakness of todays' economic finances “ or rather lack of them, but moreover embraced as a stimulation of the senses “ both mental as well as physical.
With the season of Imbolc upon us, and preparation for spring seeing the wheel turn again with its' magical energy, it is another opportunity for change.
For those of certain ilk; paying homage to the feminine aspect of ones favoured goddess; Brigid; spiritual symbol of fire and fertility, is an apt choice of reverence.
This Celtic goddess of heath and home has the attributes one would expect of a maternal spirit who oversees, manages and indeed inspires those with the artistic flair of rhyme and verse, of craftspeople, as well as they witch have the capacity to heal mind, body and soul.
Being Pagan has been in my psyche as long as I can recall. With the influence of childhood memories of Hippie culture, such principles go very much hand in hand as a partner of reassurance
The concept of doctrine for some is to follow a Religious routine of adherence with unquestioning regularity, and though I am an advocate of to each their own (as long as that choice has a base point of mutual respect and not critical and/or aggressive imposition) I find that the direction that I choose, offers a pathway to develop the self, and by positive action and deed, a more fitting choice witch gives one both solace and inspiration.
This is a time when the emotions of Love is quite evident. Around this calendar date, one can draw comparison with the popular and commercially profitable period of Valentines' day - when love and romance sweep into our lives - when the passion of the Heart looks to take over from the heads' usual calculation process and rationale that although can be quite logical, also restricts ones' free thinking and creativity.
Those who find themselves solo at this time however, can find the images of Roses, Wine, “Kisses and Cuddles' a sad reminder of their current status. For those who have been so for a period of time, they can retreat into a state of melancholy and disappointment, it is understandable that some recede into shadow; whilst others more fortunate party with blithe and cheery spirit.
But “ to semi-quote, "of those basking in the “Positive waves' "Fortune, indeed doth favour the Brave"
Stepping boldly with confidence into romantic liaisons is something that those of more sensitive nature shy away from, although at this time of year, there is increased optimism / less fear of rejection, and armed with a degree more courage and hope less forlorn, there is increased possibility of success.
This should be a credo of example that we should also look to in life “ "Nothing ventured = nothing gained" and for those who embrace ye olde faith “ "You have to believe in Magic! - For Folklore is in our history and should not be underestimated
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