Spider Bites and Liquid Band-Aid

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Didn't know where to post this, so I guess my journal will have to do. I recently got bit by a Brown-Recluse spider. In a very inconvenient place. I've spent the last 10 days treating it in a variety of ways. Due to its location it was not only difficult to see and reach, but constantly exposed to bacteria and rubbing.

Gee, isn't this entry exciting so far? Be glad I'm sparing you the details! ;)

The point of this entry is to tell you of this great, new invention called Liquid Band-Aid that I used to treat this injury. Once my bite was done draining its puss (see I told ya it would be exciting), I could finally try out the new paint-on bandaid. It took a week for the puss to finally abate, so I've had a liquid bandaid on for 48 hours now.

It's great, you just add two drops of liquid onto an applicator then just "paint" the thoroughly cleaned, disinfected, dry wound with it, and Voila! You have just put on an airtight, waterproof, transparent bandaid!

The beauty of this is you KEEP the bandaid on until the wound is healed and the bandaid gets automatically "sloughed" off. During the intervening time, it won't get wet, you can see exactly what's going on under the clear bandage, and it prevents any kind of rubbing against the wound. It bends and flexes just like a layer of real skin, so you don't even feel the bandage on your skin.

In my case it was the only solution to various problems I was having treating the wound.

If you're interested in learning more about Brown Recluse bites, which are very, very bad (they're more potent than a rattlesnake!), just google Brown Recluse images. Keep a barf bag handy... Thank God I started treating mine within a day or two. :)

Have a great spider-bite free day! :)

UPDATE: I'm finally healed, but I stopped using that liquid bandaid right after I wrote this. It's nothing more than superglue! Which means it's a bitch to get off! Don't really recommend it, unless nothing else would do.
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