Spawn of the devil

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My children defy belief sometimes:
Firstly: my eldest daughter ( aged over 40 with adult children and a partner by the way) phoned here at 10.30 pm Saturday 23rd December. Her and a friend had apparently been out for the evening, decided to catch the train home. They were clearly a little bit tipsy, missed their stop(fuck knows how) and had to get off at the next stop on the line which is a small town about 3 miles away. S, the friend, had broken her shoe,was having difficulty walking so J, the daughter, phoned her father to come and get her.
Where was her husband or sons? Why the fuck could they not walk the relatively short, well lit road?
Fuck knows, but the really hilarious but also sad fact is that D, my husband, said he couldn't come because he had had a beer. A lie, but fair enough, under the circumstances you think. But what does he do? Goes and opens a can of beer just in case they catch a cab, get dropped off here and he is caught out in a lie.
Secondly: Sunday 31st December. Other daughter lives in the city quite far away so we decide to visit and stay over. The weather is appalling: so much so that the bridge over the water is closed because of high winds. I phone to say that we may be delayed and may also have to double back and go round the other way which will take another hour. No probs says she but can you stop off and pick up snacks for this evening? I would rather not get dressed to go out in this weather! WTF!!!!
Anyway we get there, with the snacks, I should add.
Later on in the day I noticed that N, partner of daughter, has taken what he thinks is the best of the goodies we brought and put then in the kitchen cupboards with the clear intention of keeping them for when we have gone home!
Being me, and taking no prisoners, I'm like WTF and rescued them so everyone could enjoy!
Thank fuck that these cunts are all back to work this week sometime and they can get back to forgetting that we exist unless they want/need something!
Remind me again why I left the relative peace of a previous existence to come back to this shit :D
You like this.
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